This tours are only for experienced riders and are from 8 days and longer, you need to be in good training to go to this tours, we ride from 30 km each day, cross rivers, and rid into the wilderness of Iceland that you have never seen before…


Long Tours

Hekla special


Midsummer in the land of beauty This is a 9 days tour, 7 days we spend riding. At this time of the year, the day is the longest in Iceland, almost no darkness at all.

Deluxe tour

Long Tours

Highland adventure

Kr. 869,600

Adventures, horses, highlands, Culture, Local Food Lightly sprinkled with a bit of luxury Unique – exciting - high standard and absolutely Icelandic!.

Fully booked

Long Tours



The great nature of Landmannalaugar This eight day excursion is an enjoyable horse riding trip that provides an excellent opportunity to see some of the main natural phenomena of Southern Iceland.

15 days

15 DAYS RIDING TOUR – WONDERFUL RIDING PATHS AND EXCELLENT HORSES Ride at low tide along the beautiful sand dunes of Hrútafjörður and Hvammsfjörður fjord and ride along the beautiful beach at Löngufjörður

Long Tours

The valleys ride


Over 20 years a part of our program and getting better and better! A beautiful Round trip through ever changing scenery in both inhabited and abandoned valleys of the region „Dalir“ (= the Valleys) with unbelievable views and very good riding tracks to enjoy the Tölt – great for experienced Icelandic horse riders!