Beginners Rides

Ideal family tour

kr. 12,900

This tour is about 7-10 km, depending on the experience of the riders. It is suitable for beginners and for those with more experience as we can choose between routes in the area 

Beginners Rides

Lava tour

kr. 15,900

Riding an Icelandic horse is something you have to experience at least once in your life.

slow riding

Beginners Rides

Nature comfort

kr. 11,500

This horse riding day tour is ideal for beginners who want to enjoy unspoiled nature while riding the amazing Icelandic horse. Riding time is 1 hour

Beginners Rides

Reykjavík red lava

kr. 12,900

We will either ride on a beautiful and smooth riding path along the Redhills, for a group of more experienced riders, we will ride by Rauðarvatn, on both routes, you will enjoy natural riding paths and a wonderful setting for horseback riding.

Capital Area

Viking tour

kr. 20,900

Experience the versatility of the Icelandic horse and go straight into exploring the Reykjanes preservation area from our stables in Hafnarfjörður.